Where do your copier's costs come from?

A quick primer on copier costs for Kansas City

So every month you pay to keep you copier running. What exactly are you paying for though? We typically charge “per click” meaning that the costs for you copier are averaged out and paid for by the number of prints you make. The following is a list of where those costs are determined from.

  1. Equipment cost – the cost of the copier, and the cost of replacing it.
  2. Labor cost – cost of installation, maintenance, and use of the machine.
  3. Consumables – toner and ink cartridges, paper, special paper (transparencies, etc.)
  4. Accessories – extra components that you require, like RAM, networking equipment, etc.
  5. Color copies – the cost of color printing.
  6. Simplex/duplex – printing duplex (both sides of the sheet) costs more.

Not every company included all of the above. This means that understanding them is important. There are maintenance agreements that include everything mentioned here, but before you choose one in Kansas city I recommend looking this list over and understanding what it means.

If you are searching for a copier in Kansas City, feel free to give us a call, we would love to help.