Training on copiers

Kansas City, do you have copier training?

Surprisingly, many businesses buy copiers and never take the time to get their employees trained on them. Training can typically be done at the time you have your copier set up. So for about $200 – $400 you can get the copier set up and have your staff trained in the use of your new copier. This is often seems like a “waste”.

Here is a common example of what happens in offices. You need a 1/4 sheet flyer for your sales people to hand out. Someone is probably going to copy the flyer, print it, shrink it, shrink it again, print it out, cut it out, paste it, and then print out a sub-quality print about 20 tedious minutes later. Hm. That could have been done in three minutes at a higher quality. It’s hard to blame them though, they didn’t know.

How much did it cost to pay that person? How many extra supplies did they use? How many of these kinds of things happen in a year!? The training may not seem worth it. If you just spent thousands on your copier the last thing you want to think about is spending more money, but you should. It will benefit you long term.

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