R.K. Black, Inc. is a leading provider of copiers and printers serving small, medium, large and enterprise organizations in Kansas and Missouri from our location in Overland Park

During our more than half-century of service, we have provided office technology solutions to hundreds of organizations ranging from energy companies, pharmaceuticals and legal firms to schools and churches.

With our dedicated associates and skilled technicians, we provide our clients total business solutions tailored to their unique needs.

But more, while we are a company large enough to handle our clients’ needs, we are family-owned, family-oriented and we care for our clients as family.

Local. Longterm. Loyal. Lots.

LOCAL: We’re American-owned, US-based, family-owned and based right here in the middle of the country. While the main office for R.K. Black, Inc. is in Oklahoma City, we’ve been in Kansas City for more than 50 years serving Kansas and Missouri businesses with office technology solutions. As a second-generation, middle-America-based company, we don’t answer to far-removed stockholders in cities or countries far away. We answer to you because ultimately your future is our future.

LONGTERM: We’ve been serving Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri for more than a half-century. We’ve been here a long time and this is where we plan to stay. Our legacy is our clientele and the organizations we serve.

LOYAL: Because our success depends upon serving our clients well, we channel our energies toward being your trusted advisor. Think of us as your VP of Documents. If we don’t have a solution that will work for you, we’ll help you find one. We know if we care for you as friends and family, we have a better chance of building a valuable, lasting relationship.

LOTS: We have lots of great products and services supported by product specialists who know how to design solutions that work. All you need to know is we’re here to help. Just give us a call.

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