Save money on black and white prints

You may be spending more than necessary in Kansas City

Your copier can quickly become a drain on finances if you aren’t careful. When you work with them day in and day out it’s always¬†surprising to find someone who is paying way too much on their printing because some simple math would have saved that customer a lot of money.

I worked with a customer that was printing about 5,000 per month off of a small desktop copier. The deal was 5,00o prints for $335.00 per month. After some quick calculation, that was found to be $.067 per print. $.067 per print for black and white!

He could have gone with a Lexmark 654e and saved buckets of money. For about $90/mo. on the machine, $40/mo. for maintenance, and $60/per mo. for supplies he would have been paying $190/mo. for the exact same 5,000 copies. The calculation to determine this took about…30 seconds. Informing yourself rather than blindly trusting the smiling face of your copier dealer can pay off.

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