What's The Big Deal About 2 "Clicks" On A Kansas City Copier?

Looking To Save On Your Kansas City Copier? Read This Or Call!

Like I have said before, there is a veritable whirlwind of information in reference to Kansas City copiers, and the best defense is educating yourself about the pitfalls. One such pitfall I’d like to share is the concept of 1 click or 2 clicks when tabloid printing. If you print a lot of tabloid (and that is relative to market averages) then you may want to take a closer look at your Kansas City copier! Here’s why:

  • If you pay for 2 “clicks” per tabloid, you’re paying for two full sheets of regular paper
  • So by finding a copier that only charges 1 click you could save double on your tabloid
  • Then you can know that you’re getting the best deal on this type of copying and printing

You can see how paying close to double could add up quickly if you have any experience working with copiers in Kansas City! Your Kansas City copier could be draining your finances and only you or a very rare and helpful rep can uncover these extra costs. So take a closer look at your Kansas City copier and learn about the pitfalls and where your money is going!