Is Tabloid or Letter/Legal a Better Option in Kansas City?

Saving Money on Copying Letter and Legal in Kansas City

Copying in Kansas City can be a tornado of bad information, misinformation and malicious copier reps up-selling unnecessary items. Tabloid A3 copiers may be a spot they steer you wrong on purpose or by accident. Here in Kansas City we like to be practical, and don’t buy the cow when we can get the milk for cheaper. Buying the tabloid printer when you don’t many or even any tabloid prints can mean buying the cow and maybe even the farm. The thousands of dollars you save when you skip buying the bulky tabloid copier doesn’t just end at the initial purchase–it can carry over to the entire period of owning the A3 tabloid copier.

With an A4 copier you can print all your letter and legal faster, most of the time cheaper, and it even takes up less space in your Kansas City office. Why print for more and let a sneaky rep talk you into the big fancy printer when all you really might need is a letter and legal copier? Granted, if you must print tabloid to stay competitive in Kansas City, then the only options are buying a tabloid copier or taking it to the corner Kansas City print shop. But make an informed choice with objective information, and you won’t have to sell the farm.