What Happens at the End of a Copier Lease?

What Happens at the End of Your Copier Lease

Before you sign that dotted line on a lease, look at what happens when the copier lease ends. How a lease ends will depend on the type of lease. For example, is it a fair market value lease or a one-dollar buyout lease? With a fair market value lease, the leasing company will give a fair market value of their copier based on the original sale price, and if you choose not to buy it, you will have to send it back. A one-dollar buyout lease will have you paying one dollar at the end of the lease for the copier, but you will usually pay more.

Before signing a fair market value lease, look at who will have to pay for the return shipping. You should pay special attention to what the leasing company is asking of you. For example, how much shipping insurance are you required to purchase?

In addition, you should know what date they want the copier back at their warehouse. You must do exactly what the leasing company asks to avoid paying extra, and you should understand this ahead of time. If you rely on someone else to ship a copier, always ask for proof of insurance on shipping as well as proof that they shipped it.