Do You Need a Color Copier?

Do You Really Need a Color Copier?

Before you purchase a copier, you must first determine if you need a color copier. When purchasing a color copier, you must beware of the extra expense that you will pay in toner. First, what are you doing to handle your color copies now? Customers will usually have two answers for this. They either outsource their color printing, or they print them using a desktop color printer.

Once you have established this, how many color copies and prints do you need each month and year? If you cannot say the true volume, then you will have to investigate your needs. To do this, you can list the types of color copies and prints throughout a year. This will give you an estimated number that you will need for each month and year.

If you only need 500 color prints per year, it may not be justified purchasing a color machine. However, if you are sending most of your job to an outsourcing vendor, this can get extraordinarily expensive. If you are making thousands of color copies per month, then you might make a wise choice in buying a color copier.