Copier Leasing – Costs

Leasing a Copier: How Much Does It Cost?

Understanding the cost of leasing a copier requires the consideration of numerous factors, and you have to look at the brand and model. What are aspects that will affect the copier price? First, the speed of the copier will determine the price, and you have to look at whether it can do copies in color. You will pay extra for accessories such as faxing, stapling and additional paper drawers.

In addition, you will have to examine the time period of the copier lease. While 99 percent will choose a 36-month or 60-month lease, you will occasionally find someone who signs a 48-month lease. If you choose a 60-month lease, you will have a lower monthly payment, but you will pay higher on fees and interest than if you chose a shorter term.

After you have chosen color, speed, accessories and the lease term, you will be set to make an informed choice about the type of copier that you want. To determine the price of a lease, look at how many features your copier will have. The more features you have, the higher your monthly payments will be. In addition to the price on a monthly lease, you also must include the copier maintenance into your contract.