Maintenance contracts

Maintenance contract 101 for Kansas City

If you have a copier or a printer then you likely have a maintenance contract for it. You may have wondered why different businesses offered you different contracts back when you bought. If not, it’s worth knowing that there are different options and what they are. It can help you when you go to buy the next time and it’s a good gauge of you salesperson’s knowledge, and/or trustworthiness.

Here are the basics:

  1. Cost per print: Easy enough, the total cost of maintenance is worked into the cost of each print you make. This is good for predictable bills and bottom line people who like to know what they are getting.
  2. Toner out: The toner cost is left out, and the purchaser only buys a maintenance contract. This is good for small printers where the owner likes to get maintenance out of the way and buy toner themselves.
  3. Maintenance included: The toner is sold at an inflated price and the maintenance costs are wrapped in. This keeps your initial cost low and is handy if you have some low volume printers.

If you need to get a copier with a maintenance contract in Kansas City then please give us a call.