Tips for a Fair Copier Lease

Getting a fair copier lease can be harder than most people imagine. It is not something that many people are too familiar with, and there can be a lot to think about if it’s your first time leasing. Most people make the same mistakes on their first lease, so we want to help you avoid these traps.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of leasing tips. Every lease is different and every company has different needs. This is just a place to start you research and give you some advice before moving forward.

  • Buying something much more expensive than you need. This often happens when people blindly listen to their salesperson. You can get talked into a lease with a machine that you absolutely don’t need. Don’t let this happen to you.
  • Buying too many prints. Getting more prints than you need “just in case” is going to be a waste of money every time. It’s always worth it to pay a little more for prints you will actually use, than spend on something you don’t use every month.
  • Working with a bad leasing company. Copier leases go on for years so it’s incredibly important to like the people that you are working with. Ask questions and do your part to ensure that you like your copier salesperson. It will pay back in a big way down the road.
  • Not looking at the details. Make sure you read through all the parts of your lease. Don’t allow a company to raise your rates after a few years or charge you for services that you will never use. Don’t get bullied into something because you feel pressured.

Taking the time to find a good copier lease will pay off in the end. These are long contracts so you will want to be happy with what you agree to. Give us a call to get help with your next copier lease and get a fair contract that you will love.