Understanding Copier Shipping

Do you know what you are going to do when your copier lease is over? Many people think that they know what is going to happen but are surprised when the time actually comes. There can be a number of fees associated with ending a lease or steps that you didn’t know that you needed to take. Something that most people forget to look at is understanding their copier shipping method.

Once your lease is over you will need to ship your copier back to the leasing company. Many people think that their leasing company is simply going to come and get their machine for them. That is almost never the case.

Instead, it’s going to be your responsibility to get the machine back to your company. This can be relatively affordable if you schedule early, but most people don’t. Many people forget and then are faced with steep costs because they waited until the last minute. This is how your leasing company will try to manipulate you.

They may offer to take the burden of the shipping costs if you agree to sign another lease with them. This is how even bad leasing companies get repeat customers. They basically force them into a wall where not working with them is harder than the other way around.

Always pay attention to things like copier shipping in your lease. Even someone that you think seems small could end up being costly later on.