Should I Lease or Buy My Kansas City Kyocera?

In case you don’t know, when you buy a copier outright, it hits pretty hard on a business’s operational capital. Buying a copier means that you are responsible for the accessories, tech work, warranty purchases, maintenance, etc. Not only that, you might find out that five years after the product was discontinued, you can’t seem to find any of the support systems that you need such as ink, toner, software updates, accessories, etc.

Leasing gives you the opportunity to use monthly expenses as a deduction during tax times. Your device, under a lease, is not susceptible to the depreciation. With leasing, you can claim exactly what you pay for it for that year, and it will not decrease in value as the years pass by. With a lease, your copier representative or the company would most likely shoulder the costs of technician repairs, replacement parts, accessories, etc. When the lease is over, you have to give them notice of intent no later than 3 months prior to the device’s return, or the lease may roll over. If a lease rolls over, it is difficult to get the company to rescind on the new lease. Generally, the total costs of ownership is more for the lease, but the ROI (Return On Investment) is greater on a lease.