Calculating Your Kansas City Kyocera TCO

If you intend on purchasing or leasing a Kansas City Kyocera, you should try your best to grind out a few calculations. Think about the life cycle of the machine and correlate the calculations to net per copy. Like most business applications, pre-calculations are basically theories and not an exact science.

Determining the Total Cost of Ownership

The Total Cost of Ownership is derived from the capital costs, plus copy charges, plus the energy bill. Basically it is the cost per month to operate the machine to the end of its estimated life cycle in your business. If you buy outright, you would add the initial cost. If you lease the copier, you would add up the monthly expenses to the term of the lease; the same applies to a loan if you use a capital loan.

The copy charge is known as the price per click. For example, an A4 print is a click. When a copy utilizes both sides of the paper, it counts as two clicks. Typically, the click assumes the cost of the toner as well. Some organizations may include the cost of paper in their calculations. A high end copier can dish out copies at lower prices than a lower end model.