Kansas City Kyocera – New versus Refurbished

If you are new to the buying market of copiers and the like, you may have heard the terms new, used, and refurbished tossed around a few times. Regardless, not understanding the nuances of the terms can drastically affect how much you pay, how much it will cost to operate, and how much it will tgive you that ROI (Return On Investment) that you need. Read on to distinguish the nuances of new, used and refurbished.

New Copiers

The copier is brand new. It is as simple as that. The initial cost for the copier may be on the high end, but unless you have a large capital resource, avoid buying new copiers. Startup businesses are better off striking a lease, and exchanging the copier out for a new one when it comes time to end the lease.

Refurbished Copiers

Refurbished copiers come at a huge cost cut. Not all of them are used to the point where it had to be refurbished internally. The term refurbished is used when a copier box is opened, and the device is returned a few short days later because the company decided it was not what they wanted. You can get really good deals on refurbished if you keep an eye out for good deals.