Save Money when Returning a Copier

The copier business can be a confusing scene where it seems that copier and leasing companies are always trying to squeeze out a couple extra dollars during the deal. Usually you think you have all these fees finished by the time you are ready to return your copier after you lease has run through. However, many times people do not think of what will happen when their lease ends, and end up not knowing how to save money when returning a copier.

One of the biggest tricks is to have the lease automatically charge your business and continue the lease for an additional 3 months unless explicitly stated in writing. A lot of lease companies know that people are not paying attention to this detail and can squeeze out some extra cash for their bottom line.

What you want to be aware of is the period of time during the last months of your lease that you need to contact you leasing company. There is usually a period, no earlier than 90 days before you return the copier, and no later than 45 days before you return the copier that you need to request an end of service.

If you do not send in some sort of correspondence then you can be stuck with a copier for another 3 months that you had not planned on. This small mistake can cost you hundreds if you are not paying attention.

If you want to save a lot of money when returning a copier then this is the smallest and most effective, single thing you can do to help yourself. Then, if you do need a new copier, all our industry experts at Kansas City Copier would be happy to help you find your new machine.