Is Sharp in Trouble?

Sharp Could be in Financial Troubles!

If you are looking to buy a Sharp Copier in Kansas City, you may want to think again.  Sharp has been reported to be considering selling off their copier division due to financial difficulties.  As Kyocera copier dealers in Kansas City, we tell you this because we want a chance to earn your business, but also because we want you to know what you are getting ready to sign up for.

Copier purchasing can always be complicated.  If you are looking at a Sharp copier, you may want to know this because service could become difficult over time.  Of course right now this is speculation, but it is being reported all over the news.

If you would like a competitive quote on a Kyocera copier that w0uld be able to do the same things as your Sharp copier you are looking at, please give us a call today!