Ready to Lease a New Copier?

Banner-Copier-GalWhen it’s time to visit your local Kansas City copier retailer for information on a potential new machine, make sure you go prepared with the right questions. Getting the answers to thought out questions can help you pinpoint the right choice for your company’s copying needs. Before you even start shopping, carefully consider exactly what you plan to use your new machine for and what functions you expect your ideal candidate to perform. This will help you ask detailed and engaging questions that will help your Kansas City copier sales associate direct you to the best machine for your needs.

Potential questions for your Kansas City copier sales representative:

  • What is the total operating cost of the copier or printer, including cost per prints and initial cost of ownership?
  • What maintenance routines does the machine require and are they included as part of the purchase?
  • Is professional set up included with the copier, or does it cost extra?
  • Does your potential new copier work on a wireless network?
  • What scanning options, including resolution and software interface, does the copier have?
  • If you are replacing an old copier, does your retailer offer any buyout options?