Keep an Eye on Your Copier Contracts

Banner-Copier-GalA lot of Kansas City businesses are working with their copier vendors to get a color copier. Sales reps are glad to help them out because it results in more money for them. Color copiers bring in more revenue for vendors, and though they can be an asset for a business, it’s important to understand what you’re signing up for. Otherwise you may end up with an overly pricey machine that you don’t need.

When you’re considering a color copier for your Kansas City office, follow these tips to make sure you’re getting what you need.

• Look over the contract carefully, keeping an eye out for coverage penalties. You’ll know them by language that talks about print prices based on coverage yields.
• If your business uses tabloid, find out whether it will cost more.
• Have the vendor give samples of your printing. If you only see samples that come from the manufacturer, you won’t be certain that the colors will turn out the same for your documents.

Keep these tips in mind while you shop for a copier in Kansas City. You’ll be equipped to make the best decision for your office.