Why you need Copier Security

Copier security is an often-overlooked part of your cyber-security network. Many people spend thousands of dollars to protect their businesses with network security and never blink at the thought of adding security to their copier. We think this is a huge mistake at Kansas City Copier. We want to help you operate safely and understand why you need copier security.

The reason that many people don’t consider copier security is because they don’t know what is at risk. Inside of every office copier is a hard drive that helps your copier complete a number of tasks. One of these tasks is to copier an image of everything that goes through your copier. That means that ever single document or image that you’ve ever produced or scanned in your office could be taken and used against you.

Consider what you send through your copier every day. It may not be as innocent as you think, especially when you consider that it’s not just you who is at risk. All of your associates and business contacts have information potentially stored in your hard drive. If your data is compromised it is not only you that ends up hurt.

Companies like Kyocera and Xerox offer solutions to protect your copier from a breach. Adding on a security kit to your copier could be the difference that helps your business stay safe. Call us at Kansas City Copier today to learn more about why you need copier security. We will clear up whatever questions you have to make sure you are operating securely.

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