Copier lease renewal for Kansas City

Do you need a copier lease renewal?

As an insider I have to say that copier lease renewals are not often a good idea. This is something that we try to steer our clients away from because we don’t see a benefit to them. There are multiple reasons why we take this approach.

  1. There is no such thing as getting a free sandwich. The lending¬†institution that originally wrote the lease is going to want all their money out of it. They aren’t going to “forgive” your loan. It will be worked into the next lease that you get.
  2. A good copier lasts the length of a lease (typically longer). Why would you resign with the same company that sold you a bad copier in the first place?
  3. Lease renewals are a quick fix. Oftentimes the decision maker doesn’t look at all the options when signing for a lease renewal. This is how some unsavory copier salesman keep you buying from them.

If you need a new copier we would love to help you find it. If you are in the Kansas City area then feel free to call.