Avoid Color Copier Buying Mistakes

When it comes time to replace a copier, many Kansas City-area companies opt for a multifunction (MFP) business machine that can print, scan and fax as well as make copies in black and white and color.

Copier company representatives are happy to sell or lease these businesses more expensive machines, which will be cheaper long term, but there is not a list of who these people are that we are aware of. One way for companies to make a mistake is by not knowing some of the basics, for example, color copies are more costly than those in black and white.

Before evaluating a new business machine in Kansas City, you need to fully understand your requirements. Factors to consider include how many color copies you will produce each month, the color quality that you need and any special features.

Purchasing or leasing the right copier or business machine will save money over one that has features and capabilities that you will never use. In the evaluation process also consider the costs associated with outsourcing any copier or printing that cannot be done in-house with the new machine should you decide to forego any rarely used features.

If you need assistance evaluating a new business machine or determining your particular requirements, contact one of our Kansas City-area representatives for assistance.