Is Your Kansas City Copier Company Nickel and Diming You?

How to lose on a copier contract in kansas city

How to lose on a copier contract in kansas city

Companies spend thousands of dollars a year on copiers in KC.  These big beasts are part of the necessary component of successfully running a business.  Most people are aware they can get a good deal by negotiating a good price when they buy, but often they end up getting a bad deal because after the initial negotiation, people forget about the costs of their copier in Kansas City.

Do you have your copier printing in color when it could be doing black and white?  This is one way to get killed on your copier costs.  Are you defaulting to duplex?  Here is another way.  Do you have black and white prints using black toner only?  Here is another way. 

After all, it is an expensive device you have, and you need some eyes kept on it.  If you can’t do it you need an outside company to do it.

Don’t stop trying to save after your copier is bought.  Keep these tips in mind and you will save a lot of money on your copier in Kansas City.