Don't Put Your Prints Into One Basket!

Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!

Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!

You may be a company with 10 or 15 laser printers in Kansas City and a copier rep has come in to explain that you really don’t need all these laser printers because they are so expensive.  What he is going to do is have just one device centralized so that everyone can print to the cheap copier!  Some people may now be walking 60 feet instead of 15 feet and others may be going 150 feet…  This is an OK philosophy assuming a few things…

  • The copier never breaks
  • The differential in print costs more than make up for the extra time to go get the prints
  • You can handle all of the grumbling about the the extra work
  • The copier produces better prints and has less waiting time than the laser printers

The problem is that most companies will get so focused on the “savings” of the copies, they rarely look at the workflow.

We recommend that people look at both and make decisions based on their particular situation which requires an assessment of the printing environment.  We can help you with your copier needs in Kansas City or your laser printer needs in Kansas City.  Having the proper balance is what we suggest.  We would not recommend having all your eggs in either basket in most cases!