Scan to Email

Are you looking to buy a copier in KC?  Copiers these days will often have scan to E mail included.  This is a useful feature as it can in many ways eliminate the need for costly fax machines.  Are you tired of faxing over documents to clients or customers and then having them come back and saying they never got it.  With fax, who knows, someone may have come by and grabbed the piece of paper in the copier.

Scan to E mail can help eliminate this issue.  It goes right to the mailbox of the person it is supposed to go to, and if it is a confidential document, you don’t have to have them on the phone while you are faxing over the document.  For most customers, the set up is rather simple, so we would recommend almost everyone get this in their copier, have it installed, and know how to use it.  Scan to E mail on your Kansas City copier can make your life much easier!