Copier Service Contracts

What to Understand About Service Contracts

Copier service contracts can catch people off guard if they do not stay vigilant. First, you should look at the built-in minimum number of copies per month, and the overage charges that occur when you reach above the minimum. First, they will have the monthly minimum number of copies. However, the overage aspect has never made sense. In what other business has a company penalized customers for purchasing more of their product?

You must read the fine print to avoid being ripped off with unwelcome fees and expenses. In addition, beware of copier service agreements that contain terms and conditions that allow the company to increase the cost of their services in time increments. For example, you may have an agreement that states the service fee will rise as much as five percent every year. While some people believe that is too much, there are others who believe it is reasonable. However, the point is that you have to be aware of these increases.

You have to be cautious of companies that charge 10 percent or higher per quarter because they will sometimes add additional fees. However, as long as you are careful, you can avoid these problems.