What to Understand: Your Copier Lease

Are you about to sign that dotted line? Wait one second! Before you sign a lease, you must ask questions to understand your responsibilities and avoid problems that you could have prevented. Every leasing company operates differently, so you must ask what will and will not be covered. Even ask who covers the shipping of your toner and ink supplies because sometimes a company will stick you with that bill.

Another question to ask is what will happen to your hard drive when your lease ends? With recent reports of security breaches, you do not want your business’s reputation to suffer. You need to understand what will happen to the hard drive when you return it. In addition, you want to ask this question because the company may include additional fees for the removal and destruction of the hard drive. You can reformat the hard drive and erase the data, and this will not cost money.

Additionally, you should ask if the company charges for scans. While most companies do not charge for scanning, you still want to check ahead of time. When you ask questions, you will understand the fundamentals of your lease before signing the line. In addition, questions reduce the chances of problems because they decrease the likelihood of encountering unwelcome surprises.