Basic Printer Maintenance Tips for Printers and Copiers

HP Laserjet Printer Repain in Kansas City!

We’re all trying to cut costs where we can, so in this post, we thought we would give some tips and tricks for trying to take care of your own printers and copiers in Kansas City without costing yourself an arm and a leg!

In giving a simple “how to” list, we must focus our energies on what will help you the most.  So, after talking to different techs, these seem to be some of the best ways to keep your printer maintenance costs at a minimum in Kansas City!

  • If you have paper jams, always pull out of device in the same direction the paper was travelling when the jam occurred.  There are gears that can get messy if you go against the gears.  Sort of like trying to go from first to reverse in a car.
  • Don’t be afraid to open access doors.  Most access doors which open without a screwdriver were meant to be opened by you.  If you have to pull out a screwdriver and you don’t know what you’re doing,you may be better served picking up a phone!
  • When calling a tech, always have the error code and any examples.  This speeds up troubleshooting and if you’re paying by the hour…
  • If you are sending prints and “they aren’t printing” at all…  it’s time to check the drivers and the driver settings.  It is pretty unusual to print and have the printer or copier never receive any data.

Please give us a call if you need a printer technician in Kansas City or a Copier technician in Kansas City!