Has the Economic Downturn Shrunk Your Copier Budget?

How's Your Kansas City Copier Budget?

Finding the right product is always a challenge and finding a good copier in Kansas City at a fair price is no different.  Many people are realizing that this industry resembles car sales more and more.  This makes sense, because like with auto dealers, a lot of the programs get sandwiched in a particular way.  In order for a Kansas City copier dealer to really make any money, we have to look at our processes and work with you, to make sure our priorities are in line.

For example, if you tell your copier you need to get your copier costs down, are they going to shoot for 5% or 25% savings?  Most will choose the 5% to show you because they want to get ou the “bells and whistles” models…They do this because they are trying hard to hit their manufacturer quotas! 

We are an independent copier dealer in Kansas City, so with us, you just need to tell us where you need to be and also what features you need.  If we can get it done, we will, and at the lowest prices!

Please call if you need a copier in Kansas City!