Cheap Copier in Kansas City! Check This Out!

Xerox WorkCentre 4150XF

One of our sister companies just took back a Xerox WorkCentre 4150XF (not pictured above, that’s the standard Xerox WorkCentre 4150) We have this machine at just $2,200 when it sold for new at $5,200 (scan kit is included).  If you want a copier that can go 50 pages a minute and print, fax and scan…  you have come to the right place.  The good news is if this copier goes away right away, we do have other cheap copiers in Kansas City which can still meet your quality and speed requirements.

It is easy to just take back equipment and sell them “as-is.”  We actually take the time to go through these machines and we always offer service contracts on all the copiers we sell.  We are not the group that just drops off your KC copier and tell you good luck, we make sure you can get support on it as well! 

If you are looking for a cheap copier in Kansas City, please give us a call!