11 X 17 Copiers in KC

Let's Figure Out How to Save You Money!

Are you looking for an 11 X 17 (Tabloid) copier in KC?  Many Kansas City companies are finding out that they can use a used copier or an 11 X 17 printer and then have a smaller copier that takes care of the day to day workload and do this a lot cheaper.  We believe people purchase technology to get work done, and we strive to help you find the most cost efficient and time efficient configuration possible that is high quality.

If the technology is always broken, what’s the point?  We have some used copiers for around $2,000 that used to sell for $10,000 and if you are looking to save a bunch, this is definitely one way to do it! The great news is we still offer a high quality warranty and provide all the toner and service, just like we would for a new copier in Kansas City.

Please give us a call if you need an 11 X 17 copier, or any copier in Kansas City!