Color Copiers are Getting More and More Popular

CopyStar 250CI Color Copier

If you have looked for a color copier here in KC lately, you have certainly noticed a strange sales process.  You call in for a black and white copier, and the rep only wants to talk about color.  Why?  What gives?  Basically, here’s what’s happening.  Manufacturers have been affected by the recession just like everyone else.  Their revenue streams have gone down and they don’t want to lay off valuable employees.  What’s a good way for a printer or a copier manufacturer to make some more cash?  Selling color.  Why?

  • Color copiers cost more per print
  • Color copiers generally require some more service
  • Color copiers don’t last in the field as long

All three of these help the revenue of a copier company.  More money comes in from the prints, more parts are ordered for the service and more copiers are bought long term.  Some people can really effectively use color and others cannot.  We realize when you call us, you expect good advice.  We work hard to be as transparent as possible in all of our deals, explaining the relative strengths and weakness of different copiers.  Please give us a call for a copier quote in Kansas City!