Warm-up Time vs Print Speed

You have to actually understand all of your business needs when you want to get an efficient machine. Not every company has the same needs and there are different machines to fit those different needs. However, not everyone really understands which machine is best for them. Too many people think that the only thing to consider when talking about efficiency is print speed. What they are missing is the importance of warm-up time.

Both things affect different businesses in different ways. Neither is more important than the other, it’s just about understanding what you need.

Warm- up time is the time it takes from your machine to go from completely off until it spits out the first print. This is more important for companies that do smaller, infrequent print jobs. For example, if you only print 10 pages every few hours then you will probably turn your printer off in between jobs. If your warm-up time is long then you will be wasting tons of time and the print speed really won’t save you.

However, if you are working for a company with extreme printing demands then you will probably rely more on print speed. Once your printer is on you will probably continue to print the whole day. At this point warm-up time doesn’t really matter.

Understanding what copier fits your needs is what we are best at at Kansas City Copier. Come in and see us today. We will be able to get you a print and copy solution that is catered to your business.