Used Copiers

Happy group business people  in office.If you are in the market for a copier in the Kansas City area, look no further!  Did you know that our Kansas City copier dealer sells high quality,  refurbished used copiers?  For a fraction of the price of a new copier, you can get the benefit of a factory standard machine.   We don’t sell used copiers with ridiculously high meters! We sell used copiers that meet our high standards for quality and low usage.

Just like our copier sales and leasing divisions, we choose to focus our efforts on some of the top copier manufacturers in the world. Our used copiers are made by such brands as Xerox, Lexmark and HP. The names of these companies should speak for themselves! Why spend big bucks on a brand new copier when you can get used copiers with similar features for so much less?

Used copiers can be a great compromise for the business that is ready to stop leasing their copier but doesn’t have or want to spend a lot of cash up front.

We will work hard to find you the best fit for your needs. Not sure what you need? Call one of our local, professional sales and leasing specialists to learn more about all of our great copier leasing and sales options!

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