Copier Repairs

blindfoldClunk! Isn’t it just Murphy’s Law? You have a big project coming up and guess what happens? You don’t have time for it, but your copier is on the fritz. As frustrated as you may be, ask yourself, do you need copier repairs? Our Kansas City copier techs are trained and ready to help.  When you need us, we will be there ASAP.

How do you know if you can fix the issue yourself before calling for copier repairs? It’s always best to check a few things on your copier before you call us for copier repairs. Many times, these few checks can save you the time and money for copier repairs. 

There is no doubt that the  most common complaint is the ubiquitous paper jam. The office workers nemesis, the paper jam, happens for a few reasons.  The good news is, most paper jams can be easily fixed with a bit of patience and a gentle touch. If your copier is having paper jams more often than not, please be sure you are not overfilling the paper trays or opening them in the middle of printing jobs.

If you locate a paper jam in your copier, getting a hold of the paper with both hands and gently tugging it should take care of it. Pulling harder or more aggressively won’t help you in this instance. Relax and get that pesky jam out of your copier.

Not a paper jam?  Regularly check the ink and toner cartridges in your copier.  Also, make sure the scanner glass is clean with no obstructions.