Time for an Upgrade

Is your copier still living up to the needs you demand for your business? Copier leases last for years and your business can change in an instant. If you’ve had your copier for a while now, then it may be time for you to consider an upgrade.

Upgrading your copier can give you the ability to accomplish more than you previously thought possible. You may be shocked to find out how much the technology has changed in copiers in just 5 years’ time. Companies like Kyocera and HP are constantly pushing the boundaries of what you can expect from an in-house office machine.

The best time to consider an upgrade is near the end of your lease. This gives you time to start doing the legwork before talking with a leasing agent. It also gives you to opportunity to make plans to walk away from a leasing company that did not treat you fairly. We would be more than happy to have a representative at Kansas City Copier talk with you, and show you where you might have been scammed before.

The end of your lease isn’t the only time to consider an upgrade. Even if you are only a few years in, it still may be time to move up. Copiers have plenty of moving parts that weaken over time. If you use your copier aggressively then an you may be due for an upgrade.

Call us today at Kansas City Copier.  We can show you all the options for upgrades that fit your needs.

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