The Value of Managed Print Services

You have found the perfect copier for your business but you still find yourself paying exorbitant prices on things like paper and toner. It is not just the lease that you need to worry about budgeting for, but also all the products that the copier uses on a daily basis. Printing can cost your company as much as 15% of your annual budget, but you can save a lot of money by using a managed print services provider.

Our partners at Xerox offer managed print services to help you keep track of all the extra costs you may not have considered are hurrying your business. A good managed print services provider will find the spots you may be losing money, like:

  • How much printing is being done by employees, and what is it that they are printing?
  • Who is using the most toner, and specifically how much color toner is being wasted on pages that would be fine in black and white?
  • Keeps an eye on paper use, toner, and other consumable parts of your copier

A good managed print services provider can save you as much as 30% on your overall costs of copying. They also offer a number of other services like analyzing your printing infrastructure, reducing your carbon footprint by saving energy, paper and other products, and helping to save paper by transferring slow paper processes to more streamlined digital processes.

Together these services can save your business a surprising amount of money and help you gain control over your finances as a business owner.