Some basics on Laser Printer Maintenance in KC

HP Laserjet Repair

HP Laserjet Repair

Do you have a problem with a HP Laserjet laser printer that needs repair?  Or do you have a basic copier issue that requires attention.  This post is designed to give you some basics to help with laser printer repair or copier repair in Kansas City.

Here are some basics:

Paper Jams — Go with the flow.  If it was coming in from the back pull out heading the same direction the paper was heading.  Otherwise you may mess up important and expensive gears.

Bad Fusing — Check the driver to make sure you selected the proper paper type.  Check to see if changing the cartridge (if it contains a drum, like HP) makes the problem go away.

Partial Print Jobs Printing — Make sure the driver is the right driver and that you have the fonts that are in the file.  Check to see the file size to make sure it is not a huge file causing the problem.

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