Are Your Color Copier Costs Going Through the Roof?

Color Copiers Can Cost a Ton!

Color Copiers Can Cost a Ton!

Maybe you have started the audit process as we are getting closer to year end and you have noticed something disturbing, the color copier is costing a lot more than the sales rep promised!  This is a rather common occurrence with color copiers in Kansas City.  The reason is the color copier rep often doesn’t understand the billing meters of the machine as well as he/she understands the pricing breakdown.  Here are some things to watch out for if you have a color copier in Kansas City that is killing you on costs:

  • Are “tabloid” sheets counted as 1 click or 2?
  • Is composite gray counted as a color page? (VERY COMMON!!)
  • Are you being over billed for prints you never use?

If these things are happening, you should be able to correct most of it.  Tabloid, that’s one where you are probably stuck.  The composite gray you just change to use black ink only and that should be fixed.  As for the over-billing, this is something to chat with your rep about, especially if they promised lower pricing.  They should be able to get the numbers back into alignment.

If you are looking for a color copier in Kansas City, please give us a call!