Should You Go New, Used or Lease a Copier?

Thinking about buying a new or used copier? Making this decision becomes the first challenge in the decision-making process. You could also lease a new or used copier, so how do you make the best decision for your business? Before you decide on something, sit down and define your requirements. If your company has multiple departments, then each department may have differing demands. You should spend time with each department to decide on the best choice.copier_girl

What is the key to making a solid decision for a copier? You should first look to confirm your requirements against the specs of the copier models for a manufacturer. Examine the volume, price and discounts that you will receive. In addition, some units might be too large for your office. If you decide to lease, you should do some math to ensure that your company will not spend more leasing than if they purchased a new unit outright. What is the trick? It is knowing how long your copier will last, and whether your company will outgrow the capabilities of the copier so that you would have to make another purchase.