Questions for your Copier Leasing Agent

At Kansas City Copier we think that the best piece of advice that anyone can have is to make sure that they trust their copier leasing agent. Some great ones like we have at Kansas City Copier will do whatever they can to help you find a great solution. However, many people are only interested in your money. This is why we think it’s just as important to vet your leasing agent as it is to look at the lease itself.

Having some questions for your copier leasing agent is a great way to get a feel for if you can trust them or not. Make sure that you are always getting honest answers and that they aren’t just trying to move you along.

  1. What is my total cost breakdown? Make sure that you understand everything that you are responsible to pay for. Many people end up with leases that are more expensive than they planned because they didn’t actually understand what they were signing. Have you agent give you a line by line cost breakdown so you totally understand what your contract says.
  2. What kind of support can I expect? Are you going to be able to get help when you need it? Is your maintenance team able to help you fix any problem with your specific machine? Will you be charged if you need maintenance help? Make sure you know what kind of support you can expect and hold them to it.
  3. What do you recommend for my business? This is a question that you ask to see if they are only trying to sell you something expensive. If they start to recommend a bunch of additional features that you know you don’t need then they are only trying to get your money. Take the time to make sure that they are interested in actually helping you.

Copier leases are hard enough, but they get even harder when you don’t have a good leasing agent. Take the time to make sure that they are on your side and your lease will come out better every time.