Print Coverage—The Quiet Killer for Small Business Owners

When it comes to print coverage, you should look at this as the nickel-and-dime factor in the workplace. Print coverage refers to the amount of toner coverage on a letter-sized piece of paper. In some cases, this could be as little as five percent coverage, which means all text and no pictures. Your average office will have need for printing things in color, such as graphs, charts, maps and pictures.C1312

Why should small business owners care about this? Because if you buy the wrong copier, it could end up costing you. We have based some figures on HP’s Print Cost Calculator. If you have 10 percent coverage, this will cost you six to seven cents each, and that is normal. Looking at 30 percent coverage, you will pay 15 cents, which is getting more expensive, and at 60 percent coverage, this will cost you 29 cents each. That is absurdly expensive. Keep in mind, this only looks at toner. It does not include labor, service, parts and the other costs required to maintain a copier. While you may spend more for a multifunction copier, you will often pay three times less than you would otherwise.