Our People

People are our cornerstone

Our sales reps get training every year as do our technicians.  We have over 100 employees in our organization and we are constantly growing, adapting and improving.  We are not the one man copier shop of a guy who works out of his garage.  We would love for you to set up an appointment to visit one of the members of our team at our office.

We work with you and the guiding light for all of the members of our team is to make your people happy.  We take a lot of our training with customer satisfaction, resolving any complaints that arise, and ensuring excellence for all of our clients.

We have technical training our team goes to in Dallas to be authorized on the products we sell.  We spend a ton of time learning how our products work, how to maximize its technology and how to help our clients get the most from what we sell them.  We sell IT Services as well, meaning you are not working with a company that will have issues setting up simple stuff like scan to email.

If you want to work with the best people, give us a call and we would love to meet up with you and tell you all about our company and how we can help out your team!

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