Laser Paper vs. Inkjet Paper

One of the most common mistakes that we have seen customers make is using paper made for inkjet printing in a laser-class copier or the other way around. They label paper as inkjet or laser for a reason. What is the difference between the two classes? Inkjet paper has been made for ink. Meanwhile, they created laser paper so that it could withstand the heat that will be needed to fuse toner to the paper.

The biggest problem occurs when you use inkjet paper for a laser-based copier. While inkjet paper will normally cost less, they were not created to withstand the heat of a laser copier. Doing this, you can create issues with static charges, which will mean the toner transfer is uneven and separates from the paper during the different stages. A label can also cause issues with the static charge. For example, it can separate the paper from its path during different stages, and the labels could stick to the transfer belts and drums. All of this can lead to a costly repair for your laser copier. No matter what, however, always purchase quality paper for each of these paper types to lengthen your machine’s lifespan and reduce the amount of paper jams.