Features and Functions: What Does Your Copier Really Need?

In the modern world, copiers do more than make copies. They have improved the amount of features and functions that you receive with a copier. After you have decided whether you want an analog, color or digital copier, you have to figure out what your business will need and what your budget can afford. Copy volume becomes as essential as the copies per minute. If you will have a higher monthly volume demand, then you will want a monthly copy volume that is higher.

Second, you may want to consider a feeder. With a document feeder, you can copy multi-page documents without a need for constantly lifting and lowering the cover for each sheet. This becomes an excellent productivity boosting feature. Sorters and staplers will make sense if you have multi-page documents that you want to staple together. However, this feature often costs a lot more, and is it worth it when you can do it yourself? In a lot of situations, you can save yourself money by avoiding it. Finally, look at the paper sources. This refers to the number of paper trays that you have. You will often have a standard level, but it is nice having the option to upgrade because it means less time refilling the paper tray.