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Skyrocket Your Productivity by Knowing This One Little-Known Copier Spec

When looking at a copier to lease or buy, you can easily get overwhelmed by the “speeds and feeds” data without knowing what to do with it.

The speed of a copier may be necessary, but there is one factor that matters far more than copier speed, but for some reason, copier reps rarely talk about it.

What is that one factor that will make or break your productivity speeds?

That factor is “warm-up time.” Warm-up time is the amount of time that the copier takes to warm up and spit out a copy once an image gets processed.

Why does warm-up time matter?

More often than not, copiers get used sporadically. Most copiers aren’t being used for hours on end in a single session. What happens more often is that a copier gets used once every 20-30 minutes, and the copier cools down in between uses.

You can have copiers that print an image quickly… after they warm up. But if the warm-up takes a long time, the rest of the copier speed specs mean nothing.

When purchasing a copier, keep warm-up speed in mind, and you could save a ton of money.

The fastest copier for your work may not be the one you initially thought.

Technically, smaller copiers can print far fewer copies in a minute than a giant one, but a larger copier takes far longer to warm up than its smaller counterpart. With a smaller copier, you could be done with one job in 20 or so seconds, while you could wait for a full minute for the larger copier to warm up and begin printing.

This scenario is like boiling a cup of water versus boiling a pot full of water. When there is less water to boil, the water boils faster. Do you need to boil a giant pot of pasta, or do you need a small cup of tea? If you only need the tea, Boiling the water in a giant pot will only take longer and wouldn’t be right for the job.

Keep in mind how often you need to use your copier on an hourly basis, and how many prints you need to print on an average print job. Keeping these factors in mind as you purchase your new copier will not only accelerate your workflow but also save you thousands of dollars in the long run.