How Lease Rate Ladders And Your Kansas City Copier Can Save You Big Time

Spending a little to save a lot can make a big difference with lease rate ladders on your Kansas City copier!

You know how when you lease a car it’s pretty straightforward? You get a car, pay a certain amount per month for it, stay under the mileage or get charged overages? It seems much like a Kansas City copier lease doesn’t it? Well there is an important difference! I don’t know a lot about leasing a vehicle, but I do know about leasing a Kansas City copier! And here’s one simple easy tip that starts with a question that could save you $1000’s! It involves lease ladder rates, and here’s the nugget of wisdom about your Kansas City copier lease:

  • Ask where the breaking point or next tier is
  • Subtract where you’re currently at from that number
  • Spend that money plus a dollar to get above it!

Or something similar to that. Here’s why: If you’re close to the higher one up, your Kansas City copier leasing rate can dramatically decrease per month saving you thousands or at least hundreds. That money that you spent got you more in addition to saving you tons! Sometimes you could spend another $25 or $200 to get into the tier that rewards you for spending that much! That’s how the game is played, and you’ll feel strange spending to save–it’ll feel like a gimmick–but that’s how it works in the world of Kansas City copier leasing!