Helpful Tips: Scanning

Knowing how to get the most from your office machine is crucial to increasing office productivity. Many people don’t know how to maximize efficiency when it comes to their office print and copy jobs. Today we want to help you know the best way to maximize your scanning time to get the most out of every minute at work.

Scanners vary greatly in their abilities. Small desktop scanners can do about 10 pages every minute. Alternatively, powerful office scanners can complete upwards of 1000 scans every hour. You want to get something that can handle your workload, without overpaying for something excessive that you won’t use.

Another feature to consider on a scanner is an automatic document feeder (ADF). The device tray will feed documents to the scanner, but you need to make sure that it works. Whether you have a few documents or hundreds of them, you want to be able to scan them at the push of a button. However, avoid the ADF if you have fragile books or documents that you plan to scan.

Another useful device to consider is a metal detector. Any lose metal pieces like staples or paper clips can cause damage to your machine. Having some sort of metal detector can find these troublesome parts before they cause an issue.

Getting the right scanner for your business shouldn’t be difficult. Let our amazing staff at Kansas City Copier help you select the perfect option. We can make sure you are scanning the way the works for you.