Getting the Right Amount of Prints

Are you getting the right amount of prints for your business? Many people believe that they are getting a good deal on their print contact, but in reality many people are spending more than they should. This is because many leasing companies like to make it seem like getting more prints is a good way to protect  yourself. However, this is not the way to go when it comes to getting the right amount of prints.

The trick that most leasing companies use is to scare you into getting more than you need. They do this by telling you that you are able to get more prints in the middle of the month if you want, but it will cost more per print to do so. For this reason it is better to just buy a little more at a cheaper per-print cost. They might even cut you a deal to go with the larger number. However, this is only helping them and not you.

For example, you think you need 25,000 prints per month, but your leasing agent says you should get 30,000 just in case. They will even give you a discount on the prints. It may sound like a good deal until you do the math.

25,000 prints x $.015 per print = $375 per month

30,000 prints x $.014 per print = $420 per month.

Unless you are consistently going over the 25,000 prints per month then you are basically throwing away $45 per month. This is great for them and bad for you, especially because most people never even realize that they have been scammed.

Make a conservative estimate about what you need on the busiest month of the year for your business. This is the amount that you should buy. Don’t get tricked into getting more than you need. Nobody knows your business like you do.