Figuring Out a Kansas City Copier Lease

Questions about leasing a copier in Kansas City

What does business owner do when trying to find a new copier in Kansas City? There are so many options and plans. Purchasing a copier often seems too expensive. In many situations, the best way to go is to lease. Leasing a copier is a big investment. There should be some questions asked before any contract is signed.

Is it a Cost per Copy lease or all-inclusive?

Many companies offer Cost per Copy lease. This is a good option for a business that doesn’t make many copies. If your business does, ask for a lease that covers everything that is copied to help keep costs down.

What are the details of your Kansas City lease?

Make sure you know everything that is included. Also, know what the expectations of your business are in regards to the copying machine itself. Is it your job to get it fixed? Do you buy all the supplies? What about when the lease ends? Make sure this is all information that you know.

How does property tax work in your state?

Depending on what state you are in, leasing a copier can be considered ownership. Figure out what the tax is before you enter in to any contract. This will help keep you from unexpected fees.

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